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Watch the video to get a general idea of the Iristick.Teams solution on our glasses.

This Iristick.Teams app allows you to use your Iristick smart glasses within your company’s Microsoft Teams environment.

1. Connect your Iristick smart glasses;
2. Open the Iristick.Teams application;
3. Sign in with your company’s Microsoft Teams account.

The Iristick.Teams app uses the cameras of your Iristick to act as the webcam in a Microsoft Teams call. Using voice commands (only available on the Iristick.G2 PRO and the Iristick.H1 model) you’re able to use the app completely hands free.

ℹ️ You need to install the latest version of the Iristick Services in order to use this Iristick.Teams app.

You'll find the Iristick.Teams app on the Google Play Store.