FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I navigate with the Iristick?

The Iristick can navigate through the app you are using, by using gestures on the touch-sensitive touchpad, located at the right side of the headset. The Iristick.Z1 Premium can also recognize voice commands to navigate.

Which touchpad gestures can I use?

Swipes * Swipe forward: swipe your finger over the touchpad from the back towards the front, away from the ear

  • Swipe backward: swipe your finger over the touchpad from the front towards the back, towards the ear

  • Swipe down: swipe your finger over the touchpad in a downward motion

Taps * Single tap: briefly touch ('tap') the touchpad

  • Double tap: tap twice in a quick succession

  • Long tap: a single tap, but held for a longer time

Which voice commands can I use?

Please refer to the this page or see page 28 in our User Guide

Can I lock, unlock, shut down, boot, or reboot my smartphone with the use of Iristick?

You can lock and unlock your smartphone by voice (Iristick.Z1 Premium only) or unlock with the touchpad (no limitations).

To do so with voice, say 'Iristick suspend' to put the phone to sleep and 'Iristick wake up' to wake-up the phone. The PIN or Password can be entered with voice commands too, but notice that you will be saying this out loud. If you would like to use either a PIN or Password as a screen lock on your phone, please select a timeout for your phone to lock when it goes to sleep. This way, you can still wake-up your phone when it goes to sleep automatically, without the need to immediately have to enter your PIN or Password.


Unlocking a phone that requires a Pattern for security, cannot be unlocked with the Iristick. Please change your screen lock to either 'None', 'Swipe', 'PIN', or 'Password'.

Can I use voice commands in every application?

It depends on the application and its implementation. Out-of-the-box, voice commands should work, but some applications could have disabled voice commands, to avoid interference. This could be the case for remote assistance applications, for example. An Iristick.Z1 Premium is necessary to use voice commands in the first place.