FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How can I purchase an Iristick device?

You can either visit our webshop or contact us at info@iristick.com, and we will get back to you.

What is the price of the Iristick?

Please visit our store to see the price of each Iristick model.

Where can I see and test the glasses myself?

Come and visit us for a demo on one of the upcoming events.

How do I turn on the Iristick?

Connect the headset to the pocket unit with the coaxial cable and connecting a smartphone to the pocket unit by USB. The headset will turn on automatically.

How do I shut down the Iristick?

Just disconnect the coaxial cable to shut down the headset or disconnect the smartphone.

What do I need, next to the Iristick?

When you have your hands on any Iristick smart glasses and its peripherals (pocket unit, coaxial cable, charger), you will need two more things to work with the Iristick:

  1. An Android smartphone with Android 7 or higher installed and with a USB type C connection with Host mode. Please take a look at the list of supported (and unsupported) smartphones.

  2. The Iristick Services app, which you can download through the Google Play store. Please take a look at our developer page, if you want to install the Iristick Services application through F-Droid or manually over ADB.

What is the difference between the Iristick.Z1 and Iristick.C1?

The Iristick.C1 is 9 grams of weight lighter at 62 grams than the Iristick.Z1, which weighs 71 grams. The C1 is also smaller, with 15,2 cm instead of 17,0 cm on the Iristick.Z1.

The Z1 features an earpiece connection (2.5mm jack) and a zoom camera with the following features:

  • 5MP (4:3 aspect ratio)

  • 13 degrees field-of-view

  • 720p video recording at 30 fps

  • 5x optical zoom with liquid lens and autofocus

  • Barcode scanning capabilities to scan a 3cm barcode at a distance of 1,5m

  • Class 1 laser pointer

  • High power flash LED

You can find the full spec-sheet with comparison over here.

What is the difference between the Iristick.Z1 Essential and Premium?

The Iristick.Z1 Premium features offline voice commands and advanced barcode scanning to scan and decode damaged, skewed, rotated, and low-lit barcodes at a higher distance. Also, laser-assisted autofocus is available for fast focusing. With the Essential, you can only scan certain types of barcodes. Also, voice commands are not accessible.

Is it possible to upgrade my Iristick.Z1 Essential to a Premium?

No, unfortunately not. Please contact us for the possibilities to trade-in your Essential for a Premium.

How do I get in contact with Iristick?

We have multiple options to reach us, according to your reason.

  • Contact us at support@iristick.com to get support on your Iristick device, combined smartphone, or any of its accessories and software. Developers can also send their questions to this email address or visit our developer page.

  • Use info@iristick.com to receive general information or for sales requests

  • Partners can go to the Iristick Partner Support portal

Can I receive a discount on bulk orders?

Please contact us at info@iristick.com with your quote, and we will get back to you.

I would like to become a partner of Iristick. How do I apply?

If you are a developer or have developers in your company and you want to have your software running on the Iristick, please contact us to join our partner program. Please take a look at https://iristick.com/developers/ or send us an email at info@iristick.com to get in touch with us.