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Why do I need the Iristick Services application on Android

FOR LEGACY APPS ONLY: the Iristick Services app is only required for legacy apps that have not been updated to Iristick SDK 2.x yet. New and updated applications do not require the Iristick Services to be installed.

The Iristick Services app connects your Android device with Iristick.G1, Iristick.G2 and Iristick.H1 smart safety glass products. It handles all interactions between the mobile device and your Iristick supported applications. A one-time installation is required on all Android devices before they can connect to the Iristick glasses and the Iristick’s unique features.

By connecting to a mobile device Iristick glasses leverage the performance and capabilities of the latest generation of mobile devices on the market. Thus protecting your investment and giving you access to future mobile processing power. It also avoids uncomfortable radiation at temple, increases processing flexibility, extends battery life as well as reduces the overall cost of deployment.

Accessibility Service: This app contains an optional accessibility service. When enabled, the touchpad or voice commands on Iristick devices may be used to navigate through all apps installed on the phone. No data from the accessibility service is ever collected or sent on the internet. The Iristick Services application isn't available for iOS, this is integrated into the selected software package.