FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How can I adjust the settings of the Iristick?

By opening the Iristick Services app on the smartphone, you can adjust the settings of the Iristick in the Settings menu. Here you can change the following:

Item Explanation
Touchpad sensitivity Adjust the sensitivity of the touchpad
HUD brightness Change the brightness of the heads-up dsplay
Open system display settings Open the display settings of the phone
Voice commands... Enable or disable voice commands (Iristick.Z1 Premium only)
Detect pouch Enable or disable pouch detection. More information
Always optimize UI for HUD Force your phone to go into landscape mode when an Iristick device connects. More information
Automatically send extra debug logs Send debug logs more easily by adding a Submit debug log button to the Iristick Services notification

And you can also change some developer settings:

Item Explanation
Web console Enable or disable the Web console to share the screen of the viewer. More information
Disable premium features Enable or disable premium features (Iristick.Z1 Premium only)
Log view tree Enable or disable logging the view tree when debugging

I am looking for remote assistance (See-What-I-See) software. Which ones work on the Iristick?

Please take a look at the partner section on our webpage.

I am looking for a solution to have Digital Procedures on the Iristick. Which ones are out there?

Please take a look at the partner section on our webpage.

I get the warning ‘Unsupported device’. What can I do?

When you have connected both the pocket unit and the headset, and you receive this error message in the Iristick Services application, you should disconnect and reconnect the headset by disconnecting and reconnecting one of both ends of the coaxial cable. The warning should be gone. Otherwise, contact us at support@iristick.com.

Please also refer to our Problem Solving Diagram.

The Iristick Services says 'No Iristick device connected'. What can I do?

Please take a look at our Problem Solving Diagram to solve most problems.

There is a lot of noise or echo while using one of the Remote Assistance applications. How can I avoid this?

With remote assistance, it is essential to keep in mind that the microphone on the Iristick or the remote computer (or notebook) can pick up sound that has been played back by the speakers. This makes the sound to loop and causes an echo. You can avoid this by having one of both (or both) sides to use a headset or earpiece.

Can I use the Iristick camera as a default camera for other applications?

No, unfortunately not. This is due to the lack of support for external cameras in Android and its applications. An adjustment to the source code of the specific application is necessary to have the Iristick camera work together with the app.

Do all applications work with the Iristick?

Most of them do, but some will need modification in the source code to either control the Iristick camera or read out the sensors in the headset.

Can I use Skype (for Business) with the Iristick?

No, unfortunately not, but you can use our Videoconferencing Plugin to use the Iristick cameras in Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Can I use Zoom with the Iristick?

Yes, you can by using our Videoconferencing Plugin which uses the screensharing functionality of the Zoom application to show the Iristick cameras during a call.

Can I use Microsoft Teams with the Iristick?

Yes, that is possible by using our Videoconferencing Plugin which uses the screensharing functionality of Microsoft Teams to show the Iristick cameras during a call.