FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Pocket unit

What is the pocket unit?

The pocket unit provides the headset with power and allows communication between the headset and the phone through the coaxial cable.

It has the following features:

  1. Magnetic bed for mobile phone

  2. USB Type-C connection for mobile phone

  3. Detachable USB cable to charge the pocket unit by USB-C in case the barrel jack charging adapter is not available. Please refer to our User Guide on page 22 for more information on how to charge via USB-C.

  4. Coaxial connection to connect the headset

  5. LED indicator for battery status

  6. Charging port to charge the pocket unit with the 15V barrel jack charging adapter. Please refer to our User Guide on page 20 for more information about the barrel jack charging adapter.

Where can I find the internal or external serial number of the pocket unit?

The internal serial number can be found by connecting the pocket unit to your smartphone and opening the Iristick Services application. The internal serial number will be listed here and looks like 123456789A12x.

You can find the external serial number of the pocket unit in the middle of the top surface. It looks like A00000.

The charging adapter does not fit. Is this normal?

The barrel jack charging adapter sticks out around 3mm.

Is there a way to charge both the pocket unit and phone together?

Yes, if you have a supported phone.

How do I fix issues with the pocket unit?

Please take a look at our Problem Solving Diagram to solve most problems or send a log by tapping ‘Submit debug log’ in the Iristick Services application and contact us at support@iristick.com.

How long does the battery last?

The Iristick aims to support you during a full shift, but this is also limited to the smartphone's battery capacity.

Can I swap the pocket unit while using?

Yes! Just disconnect the headset and phone and connect another, fully charged pocket unit, and you are good to go!

Will I lose data when disconnecting or swapping a pocket unit?

No. All data is stored on the phone, inside the application you are using. Disconnecting or swapping a pocket unit may not result in data loss.

How can I charge the pocket unit?

You can charge the pocket unit by using the barrel jack adapter or USB. Please refer to our User Guide on page 19 for more information on the charging status and charger types.

How do I carry the pocket unit with me?

You can put both the pocket unit and phone into the pouch and clip it to your belt or trousers or put it away in your pocket.