FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What type of smartphone do I need to connect to the Iristick?

Please take a look over here.

Do I always need a smartphone or tablet to work with the Iristick?

Yes, as the Iristick is not stand alone.

Where can I buy an Iristick compatible smartphone?

As we are not a smartphone store, you can either buy a compatible phone yourself by referring to our list of supported (and unsupported) phones or together with the purchase of any Iristick set as a custom order. Please contact us at info@iristick.com to place such a custom order.

Can I buy a complete set, including a compatible smartphone?

Yes, of course. Please contact us at info@iristick.com to place a custom order.

Is there a way to charge both the pocket unit and phone together?

Yes, if you have a supported phone.

Why does the orientation and font size change and screen go dark when the smartphone is covered?

This behavior occurs because the smartphone's proximity sensor is being used to measure the light intensity of the environment. You will also notice that the backlight of the smartphone is disabled, and its display does not respond to touches anymore.

We call this feature pouch mode.

Is there a way to force my smartphone to get in landscape mode when I connect the Iristick?

Yes, there is. Open the Iristick Services application on your smartphone and go to its Settings. Check the option Always optimize UI for HUD.

The screen of my phone goes dark or turns off after a short while. Can I extend this time?

You can extend this time to 30 minutes (instead of the default 30 seconds) by going to the Settings of your phone and clicking Display > Advanced > Screen timeout.

Can I use other devices than a smartphone?

As long as the device you are using has Android 7 (or higher) installed and a USB-C connector with Host mode.

My smartphone is not supported. What can I do?

You can always contact us and provide us the type of smartphone you are using or would like to use. Or, better yet, get a supported smartphone that is listed over here.

I have a different smartphone than the one advised by Iristick. Is that a problem?

If the smartphone has Android 7 or higher installed and features a USB type C connector with Host mode, the phone will most likely work without any problem, but we cannot guarantee this. There are standards e.g., for the USB protocol, but not every manufacturer builds a smartphone according to these standards. If you have found a phone that did or did not work and was not listed over here, please feel free to contact us.

My smartphone has Android 7 or higher installed but features a Micro USB connector instead of USB-C. Can I use this with an adaptor?

An adaptor will not work, but a USB-C to Micro USB cable should. Please contact us to get a proper USB cable replacement.


Please note that only phones with a USB type C connector have a higher chance of working with the Iristick devices.

My smartphone has a lower version than Android 7 installed. Can I use this phone?

Unfortunately not. You will not be able to install the Iristick Services application as this application requires at least Android 7. This is due to restrictions on Android.

How to open the notification drawer on Android?

Swipe from the top down on the screen of the smartphone. A menu with notifications will open.

I have an iPhone. Does this work with the Iristick?

Yes! Did you miss the news? :) We are happy to announce that we are the world's first industrial smart safety glasses that work with iOS. There are other smart glasses compatible with iOS, but with ours, you can see the contents of your iPhone onto our heads-up display and use either voice commands or the touchpad to navigate. Also, our camera's work too. This means you can control the application while having your iPhone in your pocket. Currently, we only provide our SDK to specific clients. Please contact our sales team at info@iristick.com.

I have connected the Iristick, but the audio goes through my phone instead of the headset. What can I do?

Please make sure that Disable USB audio routing is disabled under Developer options (if enabled) on your phone as can be enabled here.

Try to reboot your smartphone.

If both these options do not resolve your issue, please contact us at support@iristick.com.

Which permissions does the Iristick Services require on the smartphone and why?

To have the Iristick working with the smartphone, the following permissions should be allowed:

  1. Accessibility service: allows the Iristick Services to interact with other applications by looking for clickable items to navigate through

  2. Display over other apps: is required to highlight selected items in other applications

What is the purpose of the metal plate?

The metal plate can be adhered to the back of the smartphone, to stick magnetically to the pocket unit's magnetic surface.

How do I attach the metal plate to the phone?

  1. Remove the paper from the back of the metal plate to expose the adhesive

  2. Place the metal plate onto the middle of the pocket unit surface with the bottom aligned and the adhesive site at the top

  1. Carefully connect the phone to the pocket unit by USB while having the phone lifted from the surface and the metal plate

  2. Align both the left and right side of the phone with both sides of the pocket unit and gently push the phone down towards the surface of the pocket unit.

How do I carry the phone with me?

You can put both the phone and pocket unit into the pouch and clip it to your belt or trousers or put it away in your pocket.