FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What are the features of the headset?

1) Heads-up display which can be adjusted in four directions and rotated to personal preference.

2) Center camera for a view from the user’s perspective.

3) Adjustable nose pads for user comfort.

4) Certified safety glass.

5) Zoom module with 5x optical zoom, laser and LED.

6) Quad microphones array for video calls and voice commands.

7) Cold-bendable temple tips for user comfort.

8) 2.5mm audio jack for mono audio with microphone.

9) Coaxial connection between headset and pocket unit.

10) Speaker which is aimed towards the ear.

11) Capacitive touch pad which supports the gestures swipe forward, backward and down and single tap, double tap and long tap.

12) 9-axis sensor: accelerometer, gyroscope, head motion detector, magnetic field detector and measurement of the absolute rotation of the headset.

The touchpad of the headset is very sensitive or insensitive. Can I adjust the sensitivity?

Open the Iristick Services application and go to Settings > Touchpad sensitivity to adjust the touchpad sensitivity.

The heads-up display is very dim or bright. How can I adjust the brightness of the heads-up display?

Open the Iristick Services application and go to Settings > HUD brightness to adjust the brightness of the heads-up display.

Can I use the Iristick when I wear glasses?

There are several options to combine the Iristick with your glasses:

  • If your glasses are smaller than 12,6cm, you can wear the Iristick over your regular glasses

  • You can also use our insertable prescription glasses, which you can click on the inside of the Iristick headset. An optician can fit lenses into the frame. Contact us for more information.

  • The safety glasses in Iristick headset itself can be replaced with prescription glasses

  • Third-parties sell so-called "stick-on lenses" like HydroTac®

How do I turn on the headset?

You can turn on the headset by connecting the coaxial cable to the pocket unit and connecting a smartphone to the pocket unit by USB.

How do I shut down the headset?

To shut down the headset, disconnect the coaxial cable from the pocket unit and disconnecting the smartphone.

How can I take a picture?

A picture can be taken by using the app Iristick Camera while the Iristick is connected to the smartphone. This app is installed automatically once the Iristick Services is installed.

The screen of my heads-up display is white/grey/black. What can I do?

  1. Verify if the Iristick Services is running on the smartphone by looking in the notifications for ‘Iristick Services’. If not, please reconnect the pocket unit to the smartphone. Check if you did not miss a dialog with the question to ‘Open Iristick Services when this USB device is connected?’ by reconnecting the smartphone to the pocket unit.

  1. Check if you did not miss out on the dialog with the message ‘Iristick Services will start capturing everything that’s displayed on your screen’ by reconnecting one of both ends of the coaxial cable.

  1. Check the Google Play Store or F-Droid for an update of the Iristick Services. If you’ve installed the .apk file manually, please check for an update manually by opening the Iristick Services app and compare the version number with the number that you can find on https://developer.iristick.com/latest/. Upgrade, if necessary.

  2. If your issue still occurs, please open the Iristick Services application and manually verify if both the headset and pocket unit are listed with a serial number.

Still issues? Follow our Problem Solving Diagram or send a log by tapping ‘Submit debug log’ in the Iristick Services application and contact us at support@iristick.com.

Where can I find the internal or external serial number of the headset?

The internal serial number can be found by connecting both the pocket unit and headset to your smartphone and opening the Iristick Services application. The internal serial number will be listed here and looks like 123456789B12x.

You can find the external serial number of the headset can on the left inner panel at the side of the zoom module. It looks like B00000.

The volume of the speaker on the Iristick is too low. Is there a way to increase it?

You can use the volume buttons on the smartphone to increase the volume of the speaker on the Iristick.

Is the volume still too low? Consider using a headset or earpiece or - when using remote assistance - ask the remote viewer to increase the audio volume of their microphone or use a headset or earpiece as well.

Is there a way to showcase the contents of the heads-up display of the Iristick headset?

Yes, there is, but it is limited to devices in the same network.

Open the Iristick Services and go to Settings. Enable the option Web console and browse to the IP-address listed below (e.g., Make sure both the smartphone and the showcasing computer are in the same network.


Use Firefox as a browser, as others tend to lack one frame behind.


Please note that the video stream of this service is heavily compressed to avoid high bandwidth usage. Therefore, the video quality is low. You can zoom in with your browser to enlarge the image.


The Web console might not work due to firewall restrictions.

How can I clean the glasses?

Please blow off most (dust) particles first and use a non-alcoholic spray (suitable for all screen types) or water and spray to spray on each side of the glass only. Use a clean (microfiber) cloth to clean the glasses.

Can I change the focus of the heads-up display?

No. The heads-up display is a virtual image and has a focus on a distance of 3 meters. This means that you would need one of the following options) to see the display when you have trouble with focussing on objects that are far away.

Can I use the headset for AR or VR?

As the Iristick is a certified safety glass, we cannot take away your complete vision. Therefore the Iristick is not a Virtual Reality (VR) glasses. It is better to see the Iristick as an Augmented Reality glasses, as the heads-up display adds information to your vision.