FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


For which platforms, IDE's and programming languages can I receive development support?

We give support to our developers when they are using Java for Android in the Android Studio. The use of Kotlin or C# (cross-platform) in e.g. Xamarin or React are out of the scope to receive development support.

Where can I find documentation for the Iristick SDK?

Please visit our developer page for the Iristick SDK and its documentation.

Do you have examples I can use as a reference?

Of course! Download the full SDK package on our developer page and check the Iristick Examples folder to see the source-code of our Iristick Examples application.

Our free and open-source remote assistance solution is also available on the Wizzeye Github repository. Here you can find the source code for both the mobile application and the server.

How do I start developing for the Iristick?

You can download our SDK for free of any charge, but - of course - you will need an Iristick set to test your application. You can buy one in our store or contact us at info@iristick.com. If you would like to become a software partner, please visit https://iristick.com/developers/.

Can I use Unity to develop an app for Iristick?

Unity is not natively supported. You will need to find a way to import our library yourself. Please refer to the documentation of Unity.

Can I use Xamarin to develop an app for Iristick?

Xamarin is not natively supported. You will need to either create a binding library to wrap the library or use the Java Native Interface (JNI) framework yourself. Please refer to the documentation of Xamarin.

Can I use the Iristick camera in a web-based application?

No, unfortunately not. The browser should have the Iristick SDK implemented to allow the web-based application to access the external camera.

Is there an emulator available for the Iristick?

No, not at this moment.

How can I make sure my application will not stop when the phone is locked?

Please make use of a foreground service in Android, to allow your application to run with high priority, even when the phone is locked.

Can I add my own voice commands?

Of course! Please take a look at our developers page for more information.